Learning to Run

I have always enjoyed working out, going to the gym, and fitness in general. I regularly attend a yoga class with some of my girlfriends on Sundays after church. I have been doing HIIT workouts, hiking, and boot camp with the ladies of Beauty Hunters.  About two years ago, I began trying to run. It was slow at first, but I soon fell in love with the activity. It has been part of my self-care routine for awhile now. Running gives me the space and peace to listen to favorite podcasts and music while challenging my body to reach bigger goals.

It has been a dream of mine for about a year now to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida. The half marathon, along with the 5k, 10k, and full marathon races, occur near the last weekend of February, which happens to be near my birthday. Would that not be a perfect birthday present? Running a race through Walt Disney World! in FL! with my love! Call me crazy, but that sounds like a fun time.

According to their website, the Disney Princess Half Marathon is a women-themed race that includes running through Magic Kingdom and Epcot while Disney Characters and Princesses hang out on the race course. I have never been to Walt Disney World, so a race that would ultimately benefit my health and allow me to have new experiences in a new location is incredibly appealing to me.

However, I found out a few weeks ago that the registration was closed and the event sold out for the 2018 race. BUT, I am not letting that stop me. God willing, I will run the race in 2019 instead. My friend informed me of an app called Gipis that she used to train for her half-marathon the previous year. I am on Day 3 of the program, and I am loving the app so far! You plug in some basic information about yourself including weight, running experience, and previous running times so the app can gauge your starting level and can begin creating a personalized training plan to fit your goals.

According to the app, I should be half marathon ready by next April. I plan on completing a local half marathon race in late March 2018 in order to test my skills and give me a taste before signing up for the real deal. I am excited about the idea, but I am also concerned that life will get in the way of me meeting my goals. I am not sure about you, readers, but I can be easily distracted by work, relationships, vacations, and the daily chores/to-dos.

So, I am asking, will you pray with me? Pray that I will keep my eye on the prize. Pray that I will seek God’s will in my training, in my health goals, and in treating my body as the temple his words states it should be. I am excited for what these next few months hold and where I will be on this journey. If you have ever run the Disney Princess Half or any fun, similar races, I would love to read about your experience in the comments!





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