Lost in the Sea of Green

A few things about me.

First, I really like to stay busy. Like really busy. Like I’ve got all of my day scheduled with work, chores, friend time, hobby time, fitness, parties, movies, dinners, etc.

I like this trait about myself as I am usually never bored, and I have managed to gain a lot of unique experiences in my twenty-something years. However, when I get tired, I get TIRED. Encompassing, lazy, drowsy, Netflix binge-watching, junk-food inhaling, hard-to-get-up-out-of-bed tired.

Secondly, I get cabin fever quickly whenever I get stuck in a routine or I am at home for too long. (See drowsy, Netflix-watching statement above).

One of the best ways I can break out of my cabin fever-ness and break the cycle of being on-the-go is through hiking and experiencing the “great outdoors.” Thankfully, my husband and I live within a 45 minute drive to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Also thankfully, we both really like to be outdoors.

This past weekend, we woke up early on a Saturday morning to drive to the mountains and zone. out. from a previously stressful week. We hiked the West Prong Trail, which is located near the Tremont Institute and is roughly 2.7 miles one way. We struggled with the mountain air at first as it had been too long since we had been on a trail, but we quickly found our groove.

The mountain/trail/scenery was beautiful. Green everywhere. And peace. Lots and lots of peace and quiet. I could feel my strength replenish, my soul restore, and my creativity abound. My husband, usually a chatty-Cathy while hiking, was deep in thinking, deep in his own quiet mind. I mention how freeing and uplifted my body and soul feels even though I’m sweating clear through my shirt from the Tennessee heat and humidity. He replies:

“It’s easy to forget your troubles, when you’re lost in a sea of green.”

I believe he hit the restful nail right on the head.

Hope you enjoyed a few of pics from the hike!




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