Hidden Sin

While reading my morning devotional this morning, this phrase kept replaying over and over again in my head: “The daily lot of those driven by religion is striving, anxiety and, ultimately, exhaustion and burnout. The inheritance of the child of God led by Christ’s grace is freedom, joy, and peace.”

A beautiful phrase, no? However, I realized that some of my “hidden sin” is judgement. Judgement of others and of myself. I absolutely HATE this about myself especially since I know that I DON’T KNOW what others experiences are nor what war they are fighting personally.  My quick, judgement-ridden thoughts only last for a few seconds, but that is a few seconds too long as a child of God.

However, I DO know about my own war. I know about my own pain, joy, triumphs, and struggles, and yet I still judge myself. I judge myself for not pushing harder at the gym or for not folding laundry right when it gets dry. I judge myself for not being perfect, and in my head, I judge others for also not being perfect. This is not the gospel. This is not who/what God wants me to be especially as a child of His.

Because I am a child of God, I can throw off the need for perfection, the need for importance/greatness. Because of what God has done, I and everyone I know is already enough. No more struggling. No more guilt or anxiety.

I am free in Him, and I am going to start living and thinking about others like I know this truth. I am going to start living like I am alive with Christ! ~Ephesians 2:1-8



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